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Recent install count per developer last 30 days• You can update the application again by following the step-by-step guide given above What is Google Play Services Google Play Services is a layer of software that connects your apps, Google services, and Android together
An older version of the app may not play nice with something else on your phone To clear out the cache, here is a step-by-step guide that will help

Google Play services

Thankfully, Google gives you a pretty handy backup tool that you can use to back up all of your information.

Google Play Store vs. Play Services: What's the Difference; Where to Download and Update?
There have been cases where the error has been resolved just by fixing the date and time on your device
Google Play services for Android
Then, just select the Google Account that is associated with your device, and remove it
Download Google Play Services APK 21.06.13 (080406
And they look for different ways on How to Disable Google Play Services from their smartphone
com and search for Play Store or Play Services as per your requirement Confirm it by clicking OK
Before you decide to factory reset your mobile device, it is important that you back up all of your messages, your applications, and your photos and other data This method may not work on every smartphone

Google Play Services

Check Also: Final Words With the help of these five solutions, you should be able to fix the Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped error on your Android smartphone.

Google Play Services for TV Box Android ↓ Download App ↓
Tap the Update button on the Google Play Services page
Google Play Services 21.24.18 (040400
First, tap on the Settings application as mentioned above, you can access it directly by swiping downward and then tapping on the gear icon on the top right
5 Ways to Fix Google Play Services Has Error
It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences
You might be trying to download a mobile app from Google Play Store, and the app might crash with this error Or Uninstalling google play services would do bad for your smartphone? Nov 4, 2020 Update Version 20
Google Play Services is one of the most important parts of the Google Android experience Make sure the data is accurate enough, and then check to see if the Play Store works

Google Play Services 21.24.18 (040400

It could be at the top right, bottom, or anywhere on the page depending on the phone you are using.

Download Google Play Services APK 21.06.13 (080406
Step 3: Now go back to Settings, and open Application Manager
Google Play Store vs. Play Services: What's the Difference; Where to Download and Update?
Apr 12, 2021 Update Version 21
Download Google Play Services APK 21.06.13 (080406
May 15, 2020 Update Version 20