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Read More: Riyadh Postal Codes I have listed here all the Postal branches here in Riyadh city Later on, it broke through new grounds and evolved in every country, including Saudi Arabia
The Zip Code or Postal Code of Taif is 26513 The Zip Code or Postal Code of Riyadh Al-Khabra

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The Project of the postal address aims at building a method of guidance and ability to arrive at any address in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the shortest possible time with minimum costs and the highest degree of technology and accuracy.

Postal codes in Saudi Arabia
This system was further improved with the increase in population around the world
Riyadh Postal Codes
The Zip Code or Postal Code of Uyun AlJiwa
All Zip Codes in Mecca CA
More than five lac Saudis live in Najran
Also, we use here P It depends on how big the city is and how many post office branches are there to facilitate
AL Qunfudhah Population 297,516 people Postal Code Zip Codes of Saudi Cities: This postcode system originated or was implemented for the first time in Ukraine, which by then was part of the USSR in 1932, and then stop using it in 1939

رمز بريدي في Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia postal code: 11564• Years later, specifically in 1941 Germany implant this system, to be followed by Argentina in 1958, then the United Kingdom in 1959, the United States in 1963 and Switzerland in 1964.

All Zip Codes in Mecca CA
It shall exert the best possible efforts to increase productivity and performance quality
All Zip Codes in Mecca CA
If someone has to write Saudi Arabia postal code or Saudi Arabia zip code in any document, he will use the capital city, Riyadh postal code
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Thalotha Al-Kharam Center: Located in the northeast of the province, 65 kilometers away, with 3,601 inhabitants
The following nation to present postal codes was Germany in 1941, trailed by Singapore in 1950, Argentina in 1958, the United States in 1963 and Switzerland in 1964 For instance, the postcode of Turaif is 22555-445556
Let see what information a Postal code has, but before you need to know, there are two types of deliveries in Saudi Arabia What is my Postal Code? Abha postal code is 61321 which is also Abha zip code and used in every type of correspondence inside or outside Saudi Arabia

All Zip Codes in Mecca CA

The Zip Code or Postal Code of Dawadmi.

Riyadh Postal Codes
Dammam ZIP Code: 31433 Khobar Postal Code Khobar is also a big city of Eastern province with almost 2 Million population
Saudi Arabia Postal Codes in 2021
The Zip Code or Postal Code of Qassim, Buraidah, is 51431
Riyadh Postal Codes
The postal Code for Al Wadi is 13313 — 3438