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It can file for the recount, however, only after the race is certified later on Meanwhile, Trump has repeatedly demanded that vote counting be stopped

Elections 2020

He is now projected to have won 306 electoral votes.

2020 Election Results Live : NPR
The shift in the vote count as mail-in ballots were processed was particularly dramatic for two main reasons
Election Results 2020
In FiveThirtyEight's , Trump led Biden by 0
Elections 2020
Before the election, some analysts said that based on polling and fundraising data before the election, Democrats were and But so far, the Democrats are having a disappointing week
Most counties in Florida are expected to release their early and absentee votes quickly, so a large slice of the vote could be reported during the 7 p Bush narrowly secured the state in 1988
Before Trump, a Republican presidential nominee had not won Pennsylvania since George H On November 10, the service projected President Donald Trump would win North Carolina's 15 electoral votes, and on November 11 projected that he would pick up three more votes from Alaska

2020 Elections Live Results: Biden Wins Presidency

And in the House, Democrats are likely to see the size of their majority shrink rather than expand.

2020 Election Results Live : NPR
The first batch of states fully close, including Georgia, a burgeoning battleground state
United States 2020 live election results
In FiveThirtyEight's , Biden led Trump by 2
2020 Elections Live Results: Biden Wins Presidency
While Trump led the vote count on election night, his lead significantly narrowed throughout last week as mail ballots pushed Biden over the top