Google play music. Google Play Music 4.7.1

The Google Play Music app also allows music to be stored and listened to offline Download Head over to our website to download the latest release for your platform
Spotify is one of the obvious choices when leaving YouTube Music or Google Play Music The move makes sense

Google play music

Now I find that my music is only in youtube music uploads, which is completely useless to me for when I drive long distances with no mobile phone reception.

Google play music
After a few months using YouTube Music, I felt like the app wasn't designed to focus on streaming your own collection of music
Why is Google Play Music no longer available? App replaced with another streaming service!
If you did a transfer but then kept using Google Play Music and added more songs or other data you want to save, you'll need to transfer again
Google Play Music 8.28.8916
But we understand that not everyone must be a fan of this Swedish company, so we can recommend Google Play Music as a great alternative to all music lovers
YouTube Music also recently got some new features that may make it a bigger competitor to such as Spotify and Another great feature of those streaming apps is the fact that you can also upload your own music to a library
But your Google Play Music library will no longer be available after December Google discontinued Play Music to replace it with a new music streaming service called YouTube music

Download your Google Play Music library or transfer to YouTube Music

By default, you'll be requesting a copy of your data on every single Google service.

Why is Google Play Music no longer available? App replaced with another streaming service!
 How much does moving to YouTube Music cost? But in any case, you need take action soon
Google play music
You can also choose the Manage Your Data option to download your music
Télécharger Google Play Musique (gratuit)
 Transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music through their apps or on desktop