Booking extranet. Getting started: The Extranet

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Finally, the statistical data of the reservations and of your clients, you can create new strategies to maintain the engagement with your visitors, implement offers and promotions to attract new customers, improve the conversion rate of your site and get the best performance from your hotel Once you successfully log in, you'll reach the homepage

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Go to the Booking.

Understanding the Extranet
A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your email address
Logging in to the Extranet
Whether it's updating availability or responding to a guest, you often need to be working on the go
How to use the Extranet
We can give them the info they need to manage their bookings themselves or to contact our Customer Service team by email, live chat, or phone
After completing your registration, your details are sent to our team for review It is a tool that has a series of pre-configured templates, making the process of sending messages, confirmations, offers, etc
This tool gives you the opportunity to know the conversions of the site, identify your type of customer, the market to target and even comparative statistics with previous years of your property on Booking Send us a message If you have a specific question that you need our help with, you can send us a message

Getting started: The Extranet

When your property is confirmed, you can access your admin dashboard—at Booking.

Hotels in Vilnius, Lithuania
What is the Booking
Baron Lux Old Town Apartment. Vilnius, Litvanya
In this way you select the type of room you want to add a rate to and choose the plan you want to edit
Hotels in Vilnius, Lithuania
That way, we can help your guests in their preferred language, and we can also prioritize Genius members and guests who are logged in or traveling soon