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Kyle and Zach talk about the latest iPhones, design, tech specs, and of course 5G! However, finding a profitable business for sale is no easy task at the United Nations Archives• Death and state funeral [ ] Annan died on the morning of 18 August 2018 in , at the age of 80, after what his family described as "a short illness"
His coffin, draped in the blue , was accompanied by his widow Nane Annan, his children and senior diplomats from the international organisation Dallaire claimed that Annan failed to provide responses to his repeated faxes asking for access to a weapons depository; such weapons could have helped Dallaire defend the endangered


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He held the position until 2018
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Annan, Kofi 11 December 2006 Cowell, Alan 18 August 2018
" The body of Kofi Annan was returned to his native Ghana from in a brief and solemn ceremony at the in Accra, on 10 September 2018 , the current UN Secretary-General, said that "Kofi Annan was a champion for peace and a guiding force for good

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Annan attempted to engage the United Nations to resolve the matter, but failed.

Beginning in 1998, Annan convened an annual UN "Security Council Retreat" with the 15 States' representatives of the council
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Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, chairman of the prize committee 2007—2018• from the original on 17 January 2012
Kofi Annan
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