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Who Are We
Founded in 2012, an Assisted Rural eCommerce company providing fun, comfortable and easily accessible, affordable quality products to the Rural places of India which covers about 600,000 villages.

The opportunity in Rural India was after the evaluation. The market research stated that there is about 68% of population (80Cr People) in India which is a blue eye of every eCommerce & Assisted eCommerce company but none of them have been able to tap it though the demand & the need is huge.

Real Shoppee will offer young customers, in villages and communities around these rural places, the youth-oriented products and services that are popular nationwide but not available locally.

Delivery of the goods to the last mile bottom of pyramid, is always exciting and encouraging due to huge consumption market having said this Real Shoppee’s one of the biggest assets is of verified 25 lakh rural customers with 6,10,000 trusted and repeated customers from 17,000 pincodes out of 19,114 pincodes.

Though the internet and other digital connectivity is not in the acceptable range, the hop transmission with technology and RealSaathis was only possible with Real Shoppee in establishing a great value chain that connects between these two worlds of Urban and Rural by setting its own rules in its game. Clear understanding of rural India acceptance levels and requirements that were meticulously studied by the experts of Real Shoppee.

Our continuous study and learning from the experience will illustrate opportunities to the International Rural Markets but for now we are focused to Indian Rural Markets only and committed to build the results.

Our Vision
The unstoppable mission is to take the complete coverage of 600,000 villages into RealShoppee by deploying 100,000 Foot on Street Network also termed as RealSaathi’s.

The unstoppable mission is to establish a network on 100,000 Foot on Street (FOS) Network covering all the 600,000 villages with a vision to help 80cr Rural Indians - yet not compromising on the affordability, quality, services and commitments.

  • Any product they want to be door delivered to them through any eCommerce companies without having to worry about waiting for the weekly bazar or having to go to nearby town.
  • Banking facility started under Jan Dhan Yojana of the Govt of India for the unbanked.
  • Connected to the World of Internet through WiFi under the Digital India Mission of connecting the unconnected being planned through this FOS network.
  • Funding for Rural Indians to work towards their dreams to be made a reality with the help of Micro Finance companies & Banks.
  • Digital service such as Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Electricity bill payment, etc without worrying to go to nearby town or paying extra.
  • Any desired vehicle for ensuring a comfortable transportation to fuel their livelihood and leverage by working more productively through the connect with all the vehicle manufacturers.
  • Insurance & Investment products to not only protect the future of the next generatio but also to leverage on the saving habit every Rural Indian is born with.
Our Team

Durgesh Gupta


SubbaRaju Pericherla

What We Do

Rural Focused

We may change the District - State or Region but our FOCUS to the Rural India which is 6,00,000 Villages categorised from Tier 5 to 8 with a population of less than 5000

Aspirational Products

We have been serving the rural markets since 5 years and have been working towards products which are aspirational and desirable but not available easily

Affordable Pricing

We work towards ensuring First Point purchase and last point sales which gives us leverage in terms of giving best pricing to our customers without compromising on the quality

Business at Mind - People at Heart

We are here for doing business but never at the cost of losing our Vision of creating Worlds Biggest Rural Network without compromising on well being of People

Digital India - a Reality

We are working towards 6,00,000 connected Villages which will enable us to give them all the Digital Services, Banking, Product Sales & Funding all at their door step

Pan India Presence

The unstoppable mission is 6,00,000 villages - 80Cr People covered through 1,00,000 Feet on Street Network without compromising on the affordability, quality, services and commitments
What People Say
M Vasantha Kumar

I always waited for the month end offer of realshoppee.From long time I was searching for Redmi mobile in online where always it shows stock not available then one day on month end offer of realshoppee I got the opportunity and I got my new mobile. Thanks to Realshoppee.

B Mallesh

Realshoppee is doing a great job by giving service of all those which villagers required, In my 1st order it was little late delivery but after that I received all the product before delivery time. Happy with the service!!

J Maheshwer Rao

I am a BPM before taking any order from my village I have ordered one product for myself and I am very happy with product quality of shoes then after from my village, more than 20 customers have ordered shoes through me and all are happy with quality.


Once I visited to post office then I came to know about Realsaathi project of Realshoppee company and got shocked by seeing the catalogue and product availability for villagers. From that time i have purchased many Quality product from Realshoppee.


I have purchased combo of 3lungis at 300. the quality of lungis is very good. I am getting same lungis in our area each at 200. it's best product from real shoppee. more than 20 orders booked by my neighbors. Thank you Real Shoppee. I am expecting same kind of service & quality for all products.

D Salman Raju
Cheerladinne - 523254

Realshoppee has given us a greater visibility making us to maintain high level of service as focus and to adapt and improve every day to meet our targets.

P.B. Satyanarayana
Puchikapadu - 534456

I am very Happy with Real Shoppee as It didn't just gave me a platform to earn money but also gave me a network of people in my nearby villages with whom I am in touch and it's fun working now.

VVN Lakshmi
Gompa - 531025

By this type of service for Rural indians that make feel us great, I use to visit villages on daily basis and seen people discuss about Realshoppee product with family members by seeing catalogue from me and ordered what they want. That also provide me respect in my village.

Subba Rao
Kalvapudi - 534236

I am very happy with Realshoppe as I am getting incentive as another source of Income and feeling proud as I am saving time of my villagers by providing them all the product they want with help of Realshoppee.

Rampa - 533288

After attending the training i have a question how Realshoppee will make it possible but I was amazed seeing the service what they have provided, that was not an easy task but they have done it. Congratulation!!

Konda Babu
Basiputtu - 531040

Thanks to Realshoppee for taking a step forward to change living standard of rural india by providing them all thing which they required.

K Chandra Kumar
Gondipakalau - 531118

Before joining Realshoppee I was just doing my postal work and there was no another source of income but after joining Realshoppee life has been changed I got option to earn more money and feeling happy for giving service to my Villagers.

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